Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honduras Mission Trip: Answered Prayers

Here's a Honduras report from Faith Neidert:

Thanks to those of you that have been praying for the Honduras Missions Trip. We made it back safe and sound and here are how God answered each of the requests:

1. Safety in traveling and we would make all flights This was totally answered. We were originally scheduled to have our trip Sun-Sun, but changed for a better airfare price. Because we flew out on Sat. we missed the military coup that occurred Sun morning.

2. Every person would stay healthy We had one teammate get sick Wed, and I did end up getting sick starting Thurs and am still recovering, but God gave grace and it has felt really good to sleep in my own bed!

3. The gospel would go out, God would speak through us and the translators. God would be preparing hearts now. God totally answered this. It's amazing how open people are to the gospel. We went house to house in a neighborhood Limon. People immediately invited us into their one-three room houses, gave us the only chairs to sit on if they had them, and were very open to discussing spiritual things. Every person we personally talked with believed in God, knew they were sinners, but thought they had to do good works, be married, go to church, etc to get to heaven. Many people were so ready to accept Jesus as their Savior who paid for their sins as a free gift it was amazing! Our three translators were also amazing at weaving in the gospel to each person and helping people understand this message. Both Travis and I did get to practice our Spanish, but my sister Liz was often translating for us too!

4. People would get saved and become disciples. Anyone who accepts Christ or is seeking Him, would get plugged into the church right away This happened! Travis and my highlight was being at a small group where people who had just accepted Christ came and got to meet other believers. Three people came Ariel, Maritza, and Sumara who we had prayed with in the past two days, and they even brought friends! Travis and Liz even led one of the discussion groups!

5. We could serve and bless the church there; we could be an encouragement to them. This was hard to do because the church served us so much! That church does an amazing job meeting physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. God is really working there! We were able to play with the kids at the malnutrition clinic and at the daycare (which was another highlight). We helped with the expansion of the church building by pouring concrete. We also worked on a woman's house from the church which was built on ground level so whenever it rained (everyday at this time of year) her house filled with water. She had been praying for it to be fixed, but hadn't been asking for help; the church just knew about this need. So, we cleared a plot, put in rocks, poured concrete, tore apart her house, and put it on the new foundation that would keep out the rain. We also sampled bread, tortillas and coffee at the areas the church is making these and employing people at good wages.

The church is also working to build a community called Casa Hogar, which is the building of nice houses (very nice compared to most of what we saw) for people who can't afford them. They will be rented for 10 years and if people pay their rent on time (it is very good price) they will own the house after 10 years. In this community people who have HIV will live with others which is huge too because their is a huge stigma for people with HIV. They also are creating Family HOmes where a Tia will take care of 5-8 children who have been infected or affected by HIV and are orphans. If you want to read more about this, I attached a link. It is amazing. We moved 508 cinderblocks at Casa Hogar in an assembly line to get them from the brick making to the road because they will resume building next week.

6. Our team would be united. God totally answered this. It was a great team to go down with. We have some closer friendships now, and we prayed a lot, served a lot, laughed a lot, and had fun at ocean where we went with the church to celebrate their pastor Geonvany's birthday.

7. Our gifts we are bringing down could really bless people We had so many extra clothes, we were able to leave a lot with the church at the end of our trip after we gave away a lot. And it brings tears to the eyes to give tennis shoes to people who have probably never worn them before. 8. Right now, God would be preparing our hearts, and draw us closer to Him as we're in HondurasGod really showed me His heart for each person and how He loves each person in each village and has each person's hair on their head numbered. 9. We wouldn't complain (especially about the heat)God gave grace and we were very thankful for our very nice hotel room with air conditioning (and a freezer that Travis and I stuck our heads in from time to time. :)

Thank you again so much for praying! God totally working and moved in response!

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